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Finding a Narrator is super important, at least to me. Listening to a narrator that doesn't fit an audiobook is something we all have experienced at some point.

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Finding a good protein powder is not easy. Most of them have a lot of access stuff in them. Or they are not gluten-free. I did not want whey, since it can cause stomach issues. This protein powder below is the best I found. Since I am now eating Vegan, it is very important to make sure to have enough protein-rich food to eat to be certain that ALL, both nutrition and protein and vitamins are covered.

I try to stay over 90% nutrition every day. This is NOT easy and since I live in a place where stores really are not that well sorted. My only option if I want a great selection is to turn to the internet.

I am also learning more about what kind of food to eat. The way I eat as a Vegan is very different from the way I ate before. Normally when I did not eat Vegan I usually ate Fish or meat with potatoes, maybe peas or broccoli or cauliflower. That was that.

Now I am understanding that you really have to add a lot of things to your plate. Not just food but grains and salad, vegetables (a lot) It is all about HOW to do this. Lucky for me I found a Vegan chef on youtube that teaches and cooks vegan food. I am learning a lot from him.

If you need a good protein powder try this one below.

Click the picture above or click here.

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1 tbsp Chickpea flour

1 tbsp Quinoa flour

1/2 carrot grated

Small piece of rutabaga grated

Small piece of red cabbage grated

Small piece of parsnip grated

1 tsp paprika

pepper/ salt

1 tbsp dry herbs

1 tsp turmeric

Add the chickpea flour and quinoa flour to a bowl, add some water to make a thick pancake batter. Grate the veggies and add them to the mixture adjust with water if needed. Add the spices of your choice. Fry small pancake patties in a pan and serve them with some plain soy or coconut yoghurt.

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