A little about me and my writing

I started writing when I was very young. short stories, poems, diaries mostly. I didn't start writing on a book until 2008. Most people that write will say the same thing. It came to me. After thinking about the thing I wanted to write for weeks. It was still pretty abstract to me, I could see it but not really. It wasn't until I one day stumbled upon a brochure that had an article about a location. This piqued my interest and pushed me to find out more about this place. I went there, looked, walked, thought about how perfect this place would be as a backdrop to my story. (or part of it) This place was Kongahälla, outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. I spent weeks and weeks looking through books in the library, and I think the story grew in me. Then I started writing, but writing is a craft, it is something that takes a lot of time and practice to learn.

My first draft was, really bad ... 

But, it made me realize that I needed to learn the basics of this craft, how to tell a story, dialogue, perspective, etc. Then I wrote it from one perspective and then I didn't like it. I rewrote it in a different perspective, started adding, subtracting, rewriting, sent it to an editor, then rewrote and so on and on. 


Why did I write this story?: 

I wrote this story because I wanted to write a story that would submerge the reader in this fantasy world, take them on an adventure for a while. Let the reader rest away from the demands of their lives. 


I have heard that a lot of writers fall in love with the world they write about, I did too. I love this world of dark elves and light elves, and gods and giants. It is a wonderful escape for sure. 


Why do I want to publish it?

I want to publish this story because I really love it, I think other people will love it equally. 

Much love

Jenny Fikke