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4 hour raindeers and Sámi culture in Tromsø

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The Sámi people are an

which today encompasses parts of northern Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia.

The traditional Sámi lifestyle, dominated by hunting, fishing and trading, was preserved until the

, when the modern structures of the
were established.

Take a 4 hour Sami culture tour in Tromsø.

On this tour you will meet a herd of about 300 wild raindeers and learn about Arctic raindeer herding.

Enter a traditional Sami hut and listen to tradidional folk songs and stories.

Traditionally, Sámi art is distinguished by its combination of functional appropriateness and vibrant, decorative beauty.

Both qualities grew out of a deep respect for nature, embodied in the Sámi's animism.

Sámi religion found its most complete expression in

, evident in their worship of the seite, an unusually shaped rock or tree stump that was assumed to be the home of a deity.

Enjoy a homecooked meal.

Learn what it is like to work as a raindeer herder in the Arctic wilderness.

Sámi art is beautiful.

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