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A walk through the marshes.

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

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Today I walked through the marshes, just like I imagine the main character of my book

"The Crown Prince" does when she needs to find her center again.

There are differences between me and my main charachter, she doesn't listen to music on her phone when she walks through the forest. And I am not a Valkyrie, except maybe in my heart.

She wouldn't pick any of the cloudberries, she doesn't disturb nature, she is part of it and she is also not part of it. Walking in nature is like meditation to me, it clears my head and usually gives me better ideas for my writing.

I am singing to myself. the songs on my playlist that I love. I walk through the marshlands. It has been a dry summer, and for once I don't need to wear my rainboots.

I pick and pick the cloudberries, some are still not ready, those that are not are more red than the others.

Misquitos bite me and I also pick all the blueberries that I find.

The difference is that the cloudberries go bad really fast, if you are not out picking them now when they are perfect.

You miss it.

When I get home I rince them off and pour them into a plastic container.

I add a little sugar on top and add it to my colletion in the freezer.

In Norway people eat cloudberries with some stirred in sugar.

They eat it as a topping on a sandwich, or as dessert on special occations.

Like dinner with friends, cloudberries are then served blended together with some whipped cream and a little confection sugar for sweetness.

With coffe as a dessert after dinner.

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