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Being a new writer on Goodreads & Bookbub and in Libraries.

I now have a profile on Goodreads. I find Goodreads to be a bit... hard to use. Maybe it is only me, who knows. There is no place for authors to advertise their newly released books. You have to search for groups and then see if you can maybe... find someplace to advertise your book. How are readers supposed to find new books if there is nowhere to advertise them? I have now tried to be active in plenty of groups but it seems to me as if Goodreads is full of writers who can't find a way to be seen. I hope I am wrong.

I also have a profile on Bookbub. My first impression of Bookbub is that their site is easier to use than Goodreads.

I still have a lot to do until I can say that my book is out in all mediums, it is not yet. I am still waiting for the audiobook to be done and other things. But The Crown Prince is out in Libraries! Ask for it at your local library, it is available and they can get it for you. This is something that will benefit all.

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