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Change your life! Change it now!

Yes! I am compleately new to blogging, so naturally everything is taking me an extreamely long time. As soon as I started I realized that, If I am doing this. I mean, really doing this.

Then I need to update my equipment. So I did, and when the things I had ordered arrived, there was no memory cards ...

(you had to order them seperate ...)

Hm ...?

I ordered some memory cars and today they were arriving ...


Nope ...

The post office sent them to the wrong place.

Sigh ...

Postponed ... again.

So now I have to wait another few days before I can start all the things I wanted for do.

I am having so much fun with this blog, and I don't think I realized how long it takes to put all of this toghether. It is like putting together a company. My company! That makes me so happy I can't even tell you.

Sometimes we get these nudges from the universe that we are on the wrong path, and if we don't listen ... it is not good.

Allways listen to your intuition and remember: Everything has a BEGINNING and an END.

The only thing constant is CHANGE.

I have wanted a change for years and years, but I have not felt that there were any options to make a change possible. Therefore I stayed. Misserable, dreaming of being somewhere else daily.

Until finally I got some help, and a push in the right direction, even when I got the opportunity, I was still thinking that it might be easier ...

To just stay where I was.

I got a stern warning from the universe and realized that I need to change direction.

I am on the wrong path. (The road I was on had served it's purpose) And maybe I had learned what I was supposed to learn there. Hope so.

No matter if I am scared to take the leap into this, for me compleately new thing. (blogging)

I still have to take a risk and go for it!

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