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Changing my diet

I am changing my diet. I have tried everything, all the different diets, but never fully, never totally and never completely. I am going Vegan. Currently, I am trying to figure out what that means in the everyday...

With recipes, what foods to buy, what things to eat for different meals. What things to think of to not miss important nutritions. I have tried everything, but my stomach is still a mess, my health is not good.

That is why I feel I have to change my ways completely. Do a 180-degree change.

I admit I am reluctant, it is hard to find things to eat for every meal, and being gluten intolerant means even more challenges when it comes to food choices.

Something else I need to stop is eating sugar, it is my biggest problem, I am so addicted to sugar. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to quit only to end up in a binge...

I think I have a better grip on it now, I am going to use all things. Like the pulp, if I make veggie juice, use it in the dinner recipe. Whole fruit means the whole thing, not only the juice and also it helps to add in things when you are cooking. That way you don't have to use flower and other things as a filler.

You can tell that this is what I am focused on.

I am going to do it right. Tomorrow I am starting the prep.

I think the prep is what makes a lot of people fail. At least that is how it is for me. It just ends up being too much work, and you are always missing at least one ingredient no matter what you are trying to make.

This is because of preparation issues.

I am going to freeze the things I need. Buy all of the fruit and veggies on sale and cut them and freeze them immediately.

Making them available to use whenever I need them.

This is why I am succeeding this time.

I hope you think of your health too. Much love.

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