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Dutch Explorers Adventure Company.

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

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I want to shine a light on a local adventure company here in Nothern Norway.

They do their trips well away from the tourist traps and take the road less traveled.

Isn't that what all visitors want to see?

Dutch Explorers (https://www.dutchexplorers.com) is an outdoor and nature travel company basen in Norway that organizes expeditions, outdoor adventures, courses and road trips in remote, pristine, and challenging places in the Arctic Norway.

Dutch Explorers adventures are loaded with activities like kayaking, snowshoeing, mountaineering, diving, trekking, sailing, canyoning, caving, skiing and much more.

They offer adventures for beginners and more experienced people.

Most trips are about twelve days in duration but can be shortened to four if requested. An average group is about 8 people, but they also do more or less than that.

Dutch Explorers organizes travels for single travelers, groups, families with passion for nature. They also do adventures for schools and bussinesses.

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