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I finally got everything I need for my camera, and today I went for a walk in an area I have not explored before.

This trail goes in a circle up to a hidden lake.

Wow! So beautiful, and of course I didn't think of taking pictures only film.

I will return tomorrow, rested and ready to go again.

And there was so much blueberries, I really need to go pick some before the season is over and they were big like elephants.

Alright, mabye not like elephants, but close.

Yes, I also had some technical difficulties. The picture was a bit too bright, I will try a different setting tomorrow.

I am not going to edit this test run, the picture was not great.

I also think I need to watch a tutorial too, beacause my gimbal is a bit shaky and stops working once in a while.

I am not sure why it did that, I need to study up on it.

I am exhausted, I hope you have a great evening. I just made some hot chocolate and now I am calling a friend on a video call to chat.

Good ending to a good day.

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