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Fishing trip Kvaløya, Norway

Why not go deep-sea fishing on a guided fishing trip tour and catch the BIG fish.

Kvaløya means “Whale Island” in Norwegian and is Norways fifth largest island. It is located just west of Tromsø island.

On the island is a mountain loved by hikers called Store blåmann. That means "The big blue man" in Norwegian it is 1044 metre over the sea.

There are also many hikes on the island, just check UT.no and search for the island.

You get there by bridge.

There has lived people in this area for

10 000 years, there are petroglyph on Skarberget "Skar mountain".

This fishing tour is perfect for the people that is looking for the ulimate fishing adventure. The tour lasts 10-12 hours, they can pick you up by your hotel, dinner is included.

This area around Tromsø is home to whales, seals and arctic birds.

Find out more here.

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