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Game of Thrones tour

2 hour ‘Game of Thrones’ tour.

Fans, here’s your chance to step into the fantastical kingdoms of Dorne and Mereen on a guided tour of the scene-stealing royal Alcazar of Seville.

See the ornate Moorish gardens and courtyards where Oberyn’s venomous Sand Snakes’ plot revenge and Princess Myrcella falls in love, while learning about the palace’s real-life legacy.

With a full-day tour option, ride the train to neighboring Osuna to see the filming location of Mereen, including Danzak’s fighting pit, and savor a feast fit for the Mother of Dragons herself.

'Game of Thrones' themed tour of Seville and Osuna See the primary filming location for the kingdom of Dorne at the Royal Alcazar in Seville.

Walk through the gardens and courtyards where Prince Oberyn Martell and his clan plot the downfall of the Lannisters Learn about the palace's medieval Moorish history Select the full-day option to travel by train to the neighboring village of Osuna, filming location for Mereen See where Daenerys oversees Danzak's bloody fighting pits Feast on a Game of Thrones–style lunch (full-day option)

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