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Getting everything ready

It is a lot of work, checking and rechecking that every word is where it is supposed to be sure that nothing moved while you uploaded it.

And, that you don't have to redo the whole thing when you are done, this time. But it is exciting! If this wasn't in the middle of a covid pandemic, I would have a hell of a book publishing party!

That will have to wait, for now. There are no set rules or guidelines of how to do a book release, so I will push it forward.

There will come a time when it will be possible until then I will keep working.

Today I have ordered a print copy of the book, so see so that everything is perfect. Then I have to send books to libraries and those places all authors must send copies to. I am waiting to see so the book is perfect before I do that.

Now one thing is done, and it is time to move on to the next, and the next and the next.

Yes, that is the way it is. And then I will do some research for other resources that I did not know about. I am sure there are many, and then I will add them to the whole thing.

It is also time to start researching marketing strategies, there are many great ways to market your book and I aim to find them all. I hope you all have a great day today! Enjoy your relaxed Sunday. Kisses

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