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For all of you that loves every excuse to do a fun dinnerparty.

Fall is here and the rain is pooring down, the wind is shaking the trees and there is nothing cozier than a really great Halloween dinner with friends. This is my picks for making Halloween a special occation "A dinnerparty" with friends or family this year. (click picture to buy)

Why not start cooking with the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook?

Or the H.P LoveCraft "Necronomnomnom"

Pick a theme.

Send a party ticket invitation to your guests.

Spiderweb your house.

Adding a little spookiness to your windows makes a big difference.

Or, why not get some masks for the woman arriving at your party.

Or a really cool mask for the men at your party.

Toy spiders for the Halloween table.

Solar lanterns for the outdoor, welcomming guests.

Halloween party lights above your table.

Table cloth to set the mood.

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