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Headlamp 18000 lumen

Where I live in Northern Norway, the area decided to save money by not lighting the streetlights. This makes pepople like me who likes to take a walk along the road pretty invisible in the dark.

Headlamp, 18000 Lumen Ultra Bright 8 LED Headlight Flashlight with White Red Lights, USB Rechargeable Waterproof Headlamp, 8 Modes work light for Outdoor Cycling Running Fishing Camping Hunting Hiking.


Headlamp with superbright light.

A good way to make sure you can see your enviroment and be seen by cars is to wear a very bright headlight. A headlamp is a great idea to be able to still be oudoor and continue to be active all year around.

It even has a red light in the back for cars approaching from behind.

With this headlamp you can continue your activities even in the dark, it is a great gift. This is a very bright headlight that will luminate your way in the darkness.

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