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If I want to go for it, I should go for it.

After a not so successful project I realized that my equippment is pretty outdated. I am not going to be able to do what I want to do if I don't have better equippment.

Especially now that winter is approaching again.

If I am going to take this idea seriously I need waterproof, reliable equippment that I can use all year around. Especially up here in Northern Norway, and I want to take myself seriously.

Last year I had a problem with my I-phone dying as soon as the temperature was around freezing.

I would listen to musik on my walks and if I took it out of my pocket to change a song the phone would simply die on me.

I tried to solve this by putting it inside a glove in my pocket but it is really strange that an I-phone in the year 2020 dies as soon as it gets a little cold.

What if you need a phone? If something happens and you need to call for help ...

Well if you have an I-phone, you are simply; shit out of luck.

Today is a rain day and it will rain all day today.

This summer has been wonderful, we have had cold and rainy summers several years in a row. And this summer is everything we have waited for.

I have not decided what I am doing today, it feels like a writing day.

Maybe a new story ...

We will see.

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