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Learning to blog

I am new at this. At writing articles about things I am doing, taking video and photos, editing video and photos.

I never realized how much time it takes, but it is fun and I am slowly getting faster and faster at it.

Today I am going on a hike, yesterday I filmed my walk on the beach by the ocean, it took me all of yesterday to upload the film i shot. When I spoke to my aunt yesterday she told me that she found Cloud berries in the forrest.

And I love, love, love when the berries come in the summer and, in the fall when muschrooms popp up everywhere.

It is wonderful.

So now I am going out on a hike to see what I can find, I have this place in mind that is in the middle of the forest. I will continue this blogpost when I get back here.

But the cloudberries I found was not ripe enough to eat and none of the film I shot turned out good either. At least I got a walk in the forest today, tomorrow I will try again.

In Norway we are allowed to go out into the forest and pick both berries and mushrooms because of "Allemans rätten" a law that gives everyone the same right to move free in nature. (As long as you don't destroy or litter or disturb others.)

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