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Midnight Sun Kayaking in Eggum, Lofoten

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The Midnight Sun Kayaking tour is located in Eggum. A small fishing village on Vestvågøy in Lofoten. About one hundred people live here year-round.

Not far from Eggum is Borga, a radar station built during ww2 in 1943-1944 by the Germans occupation of Norway. It is now a tourist attraction to visit.

There are a few places to stay around Eggum here are a few of them:

Eggum Point Lofoten, Eggum Rorbuer or Eggum Lodge.

And if you are camping you can stay at Unstad.

When you are in beautiful Lofoten, visiting Eggum make it into a bucket list experience for life.

by doing the Midnight Sun Kayaking tour with some friends. You will get to listen to the tales of Norway's Viking past, while enjoying life fully in the present.

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