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Midnight Walk

Midnight sun, the days have already started to get shorter, a little darker every night. Soon the fall is back in full force and then not far, behind winter.

Sometimes all you need is a walk, listening to some good music. Compleately in your own head, this is where the best ideas live.

And when I was walking in my own little world a giant moose walked out of the forest and up on the road before me. I of course stopped, it walked over to the other side and I waited for it to walk into the field before I started walking again.

Then two small moose babies also walked out of the forest and onto the road and I stopped again.

A moose with babies can be very agressive, it looked at me for a long time, and I was debating what house to run to if she saw me as a theat. But she didn't.

I didn't have a great camera so the picture is not great:

I waited for them to walk away before I continued walking.

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