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My roadtrip from Northern Norway to Italy as a single female traveler. DAY 2

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I woke the next morning at 4:40 am, I packed the tent into my car and left. The campground smelled of sewer and the whole night Harley-type motorcycles drove up and down the street where my tent was set up. It felt like they sped up to disturb the campers as much as possible.

I drove down the street to the ferry terminal, I hoped to charge my camera battery onboard the ferry and with some luck, they might have wi-fi that I could use I thought. I needed to contact the phone company to get more internet for the trip. So far I am driving with the GPS on my phone and ... so far so good.

Of course, I also woke up with a cold, not a great start ... but I figure that by the time I get to my destination my cold is gone anyway.

The ferry was an hour late but at last, we finally left Sweden. I sat at a table by a window opposite an older couple. An Asian lady and a Swedish man, they had such wonderful calm energy. They just sat next to each other and quietly solved word puzzles separately. Once in a while, they would talk about a word before continuing on their own again, I love observing people. They enjoyed each others company, and I could tell they had been married for a long time.

The boat was full of people and I wrote on my computer for a couple of hours on book 2. (a book I am writing on)

I needed to find a place to eat when I got to Germany, I have not eaten the way I should have so far on this trip. I am allergic to gluten and I did not think It would be such a difficult thing honestly. I thought I would be able to find something to eat almost at every restaurant, I was wrong.

I looked at what they served onboard, french fries hotdogs, breaded chicken, breaded meat. I was longing for real cooked food, potatoes, vegetables, meat, glutenfree sauce. As a gluten-free eater, you can often see and hear right away if the people behind the counter know enough about gluten to cook. And unfortunately, I must say that If I read the menu and it only is in German or if the people don't speak English well enough to understand me. I won't eat there. Anyway, I decided not to eat onboard.

I drove off the ferry in Sassnitz at the top East part of Germany and the first place I stopped at was a gas station. I called the phone company and got some more internet.

I think I might have too many pictures on my phone and it is making it act up all the time. I must find the time to erase more pictures.

Sassnitz is mostly wheat fields and cornfields. I have been to Germany but mostly at airports and I was struck by how pretty Germany is. My phone kept cutting out which made me drive in circles.

And by this time I was really hungry, I saw a McDonald sign, but when I turned off the road to find it there was no McDonald there. I tried several times to drive to a McDonald. I was hoping to buy a glutenfree hamburger or something to eat, but I couldn't find the McDonald only the sign.

The lack of sleep from the night before made me unconcentrated. So I finally found a German "Nature Camp"

I have never camped at a Nature Camp before so I didn't know what to expect, I just followed the GPS farther and farther into the forest. The road turned into a small path and I was wondering if I was driving the right way.

And then I was there. The campground was in the middle of the forest, and they seemed to be a party going on with a bar and a large flat screen tv. Some small buildings here and there and lots of cars and tents and campers.

A lady greeted me with "We are having a party come and join us" before she got on her bicycle and pedalled away through the forest.

I told her that I just needed somewhere really quiet so I could sleep. She gave me a great place to sleep. I was starving and I was glad that I had stuffed a box full of glutenfree pasta and canned artichoke hearts. I was looking forward to testing my kerosene stove to make some glutenfree food.

But then she told me that no one is allowed to use fire in the forest, I looked around and there were fire extinguishers on a lot of trees. So I couldn't make any food. I ate some crackerbread and slept like a baby. I woke to birdsong and no cars at 5 am the next morning.

What a fantastic idea! A Nature Camp, I really enjoyed waking in the forest to birdsong and no cars.

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