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Nordskot, Steigen in Northern Norway

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

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On narrow winding roads I drove to Nordskot in Steigen today. It is a beautiful place with high mountain peaks and amazing mountain hikes.

From here you can take the coastal boat to Bodo in the south or to Svolvaer in Lofoten.

At Nordskot Brygge (White houses) you can spend the night, rent a boat and go fishing, rent kayaks or paddleboard. You can find information about them here: https://www.facebook.com/NordskotBrygge

There is also a small convenience store and a café in the harbor.

I decided to walk around and film this place from a small hill and show off the amazing view and the grillpit that overlooks the harbor.

There is also a small museum.

The mountains in the background can be hiked. There is a hiking trail a few kilometers before you get to Nordskot.

The sign is very small and easy to miss so go slow and look for it and you will se it.

I also managed to pick some blueberries, there are so much this year, much more than the last few years.

I just put them in freezer bags so that I can defrost them later and make blueberry jam.

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