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Norwegian Summer!

There is a saying in Norway, it is "There is no bad weather only bad clothes."

Anyone that visits Norway has to be prepared for all that the weather gods have to offer. It is wise to bring good clothes and shoes.

This summer has been fantastic! Lots of sun, and perfect temperature.

There is nothing more wonderful than Norway in the summer when you get weather like this.

While most of the tourists visit Lofoten and other specific places advertised for them, there are so many undiscovered and totally secluded places to see.

There are many different ways to see this great country, all depending on what you are looking for.

Are you looking for peace and quiet? That is absolutely no problem, there is plenty of that here. You might be looking for adventure. Well, there is plenty of that here too.

If you like sports like climbing. Yes! There is plenty of mountains to climb.

There are many adventure companies here in Norway that takes visitors out on boats for fishing. Or if you don't want that, you can rent a boat for a day. Or, bring your own.

There are even cabins to rent in the mountains if that is your thing.

Today is a beautiful day, I am going out to enjoy it!

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