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Røst, a birdwatcher & fishing paradise

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

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To get to Røst you can fly to Bodø. From Bodø harbor in the city you can then take the ferry out to Røst.

You can check times of departure here: (https://www.torghatten-nord.no)

Røst is an island about 10km out in the ocean from Moskenes. It is the outermost group of islands in the archipelago of Lofoten.

Røst lays abut 100 km from Bodø and more than 20 km from the closest major island that is Værøy. The islands that are Røst consists of many rather low islands, 1000 of them actually.

Five prominent cliff islands, lying in a row like a band of pearls in the ocean and the vegetation on the islands is not very green, it mainly consists of heather and grass. There is about 100 people living on the islands year around.

There is amazing fishing and it is possible to book fishing tours (https://rostfishing.com)

Something that there are much more of is birdsnests, there are about a million birds nest on the island and surrounding cliffs. Rare birds like: Atlantic puffins and eider ducks among some.

As a visitor you are able to join a birdwatching tour by boat. (There is usually information posted on the walls of the information center by the docks)

Bring with you some earplugs the crys of the seagulls can be loud.

The best stockfish in the world is produced at Røst, from here it is transported all over the world. As a visitor can take a tour of the stockfish loft at Røst Sjømat As. There you can learn almost everything about this dried fish and the Viking culture that is comes from is a thousand years old.

You can book this stock fish tour at the reception of Røst Bryggehotell. (http://www.rostbryggehotell.no)

Something else that Røst is known for is its Querini Opera. Every year there is a very special Opera and festival event.

In the first week of August you can enjoy a celibration of the stockfish and its very special and interesting history.

If you want to know more you can send an e-mail with all the questions to the Querini Opera here: querinioperaen@gmail.com

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