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Kittys Solidarity walk

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I read about this woman who was walking through the area of Nordland in Northern Norway over 4 or 5 days with her dog. This walk was about 750km long.

She did this because she wanted to show solidarity with family members to people who had comitted suicide.

Like I mentioned before, I had this uncle that just took his life on June 10th.

When I was little, he used to spend the summer with me and my mom when we visited Northern Norway. He had bright red hair, blue eyes and a bushy red moustache, dimples and a very nice smile. On his arm he had tattoos and he used to work on boats around the world. But I was just a child, I thought he looked like a pirate, and he used to joke and said he was. To me, he was just like Pippi Longstockings father, a pirate on the seven seas.

Anyway, I really liked him. He took me on small adventures, where he showed me animal tracks in the sand and told me what birds flew overhead. He knew everything and what had floated ashore from the sea he took and made things from. One time there even was a wooden lounge chair that floated up on the beach. He made me a swing from bits of rope he found on the beach and from that he tied a long rope.

I drove by his house just five days before he died, I was riding along in someone else's car and I did ask them to stop several times but ...

I was going to visit him in a week or two, if I had my car that day I would have stopped and maybe things would have been better.

But you can't think like that, it just wasn't meant to be. I wasn't supposed to see him again or that would have happened.

So, I went to join up with this group of people that was walking a solidarity walk for family members to people that committed suicide.

The walk was 10,5 km up on a ridge overlooking the ocean, and I have problems with my body. It didn't take long for everyone to walk away from me, I walked up the mountain until I felt it.

Then I turned and walked back down.

I did show my solidarity for this very important cause and that is what I wanted to do. I may not have walked the 10,5 km that the others did but I showed up and did my best. That is all that counts. You can't allways see how people feel just by looking at them. Like me, I look healthy but my body restricts me. Likwise it is also hard to see if someone is suicidal, it is difficult to know how someone else is feeling. How you feel, often don't show on the ouside.

Take care of yourself, and the people you love.

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