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Today I am trying out Storyorigin, this is a place for people that want to read and leave you a review can do that. And at the same time growing my e-mail list. This is pretty new to me I must admit and I will have to read up on it. But I hope it will be worth it, to find new readers who are looking for new books in a new book series like mine.

As a new author, it is important to find new possibilities to find and reach new readers. I find that this is the greatest obstacle so far, but I am sure that once I get some reviews posted It will not be so difficult to get people to read it.

I do have readers that really like the book, I am hoping to get them to write reviews for me. Although I am also guilty of not reading books with no reviews myself.

The setup on Storyorigin seems a little over my head. I need to look at some tutorials to understand how to use this platform to the fullest. Maybe it is easy for millennials but not for older "kids" like me. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter how you get your book out there if people like it they will tell other people about it and it will spread. Rome was not built in one day, and I am still building my empire brick by brick.

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