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Super tired today.

Since I didn't get the footage I was hoping for in the forest yesterday, I thought I would get some more summer video from the beach. Yesterday was a beautiful night, pink skies, crashing waves, white sand. Absolutely beautiful.

(A picture of the beach in spring)

A mistake I made earlier yesterday during my forest walk was ...

I got myself a gimbal.

After hours of trying to follow tutorials on youtube, I finally managed to balance and use the thing successfully. I realized that I really don't know even a fraction of how to use the thing. This became super evident when I got to the forest and the thing had unbalanced itself again.

Trying to balance the thing ... in the middle of the forest was not the best idea.

Well ... That is why I went to the beach at night and took some more footage.

(This little bee was sleeping, upside down under a flower. I never knew that bees slept like that.)

The summer is so short up here, the light has turned and soon it will get darker and darker again. I am really not looking forward to winter, but, I live here so that is something I can't get away from. (Unless I go on vacation)

Today, I was totally beat.

I got up early to publish a new chapter of my book on Wattpad.

Then I put together a film with the footage I got yesterday. I could totally see what I could have done differently. I can not be too hard on myself. I am new at this, I will improve.

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