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Kjerringøy a gem off the beaten path in Northern Norway

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

About a one-hour drive north from Bodø lay a hidden gem that most tourists miss when they visit Northern Norway.

It seems that the majority of our visitors go to Lofoten.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Lofoten is not a beautiful place, it is, but there are many beautiful places in Northern Norway. Places where you don’t have to be shoulder to shoulder with all other tourists that visit.

Places off the beaten path and I will give you a bit of information in case you become curious enough to visit.

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When tourists arrive to Bodø by plane or on one of the cruise ships, they usually take a daytrip to Kjerringøy.

There they first visit the museum called the Kjerringøy-Handelsted, a unique place frozen in time that is the countrys most important collection of buildings from the nineteenth century.

A piece of history and there are not many places like it.

Markens Grøde is one of a few places to eat and they serve eco friendly and local food, there are a few art galleries on the island:

Zahlfjøsen art gallery, a large red barn where local painters are showcased.

The artist Karl Erik Harr has built his own museum on the island where he shows his paintings and illustrations from books and also some of his poetry books.

This is usually the daytrip for most tourists but ...

There is so much more to see like the fantastic nature of this island.

Here in Scandinavia there is a law called the “Allmeans rätt”

This means that you as a visitor are allowed to walk in nature and set up a tent, ( exept if it is not a nature preserve and it says specificly that is not allowed.)

In this book I will introduce you to three places that are usually missed by tourists.

Kjerringøy, Steigen and Tranøy .

Here is some information about the Kjerringøy-Handelsted:


Here is some information about Zahlfjosen:


You can find information of the museum built by the painter Karl-Erik Harr :


Buss 400 starts by the airport and goes through the city of Bodø on its way to Kjerringøy:


The easiest way to get around in Northern Norway is by car, busses will limit you to just a few places and the bus schedule is not extensive.

Renting a car when visiting Nothern Norway gives you a freedom that the bus cannot. If you go by car you need to know the price of the ferry and that information you can find here:


A tip when visiting Northern Norway, especially if you drive around is to buy most of the food you will need during your trip. If you pass by Bodø then stop at the regular grocery store, this will save you lots of money. Local grosserystores are not always open, and the prices are often steep, especially if you are forced to eat out in restaurants and bars.

Kerringöy has a few places to eat at, just make sure to check in advance for times they are open.

In the center of Kjerringøy by the local groserystore there are a few places to eat at:

There is a café at Kjerringøy-Handelsted, and there is a restaurant and bar at the local hotel called Kjerringøy Bryggehotel. (make sure to call in advance to see if it is open)

Markens-Grøde has cheese making and a restaurant.

On the other side of the island (if you just follow the road strait as far as it goes) you will end up at Kjerringøy Rorbusenter. They have a bar and a restaurant.

Spending the night on Kjerringøy gives you a few different options, depending on your budget:

Kjerringøy Bryggehotel (is the priciest option, remember to call in advance for pricing and availability)


Kjerringøy Rorbusenter (in Tårnvik photo above)


There are also private cabins and houses to rent for a day or for a week.


Prestegården is a less pricy option that rents out rooms ask at the store for information when you arrive.

If you feel like camping, you might have brought a tent or want to rent a cabin, then Kjerringøy Campground is the perfect option for you. It has a stocked kitchen and great facilities.

Kjerringøy Campground (call in advance for availability)



Allright, now that we are done with the sleeping arrangements there are a few things to do in Kjerringöy.

The island has white sand beaches, turquoise water, and spectacular views, and all you need to do to enjoy it, is to stop the car and get out there.

Bring some food with you from the stores in Bodö and have a picknick on the beach, hike the mountains.

There are also lots of hikes to the mountain lakes where you can find lots of fish.:


If you are fishing in the lakes you must buy a fishing card, this you can buy at the local store, it is not expensive. To fish in the sea you do not need one.

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