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The hidden lake

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

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Like I said to you yesterday I tried out this new trail I foud that I never walked before, so I went back there today. The lake and trail is located in Åsjorda in Steigen, Norway. https://ut.no/kart#12.82/67.73323/15.03614

Today I was better prepared, I had working cameras and everything. '

This is a great lake to hang out and grill by.

There are two small open grill huts that anyone can use and hang out in by the lake. If you need to hide from the rain or if you just want to rest for a while with friends.

And there are many benches around the lake and plenty of places to sit and just relax taking in the silence. Listen to the birds or the wind.

I met some other people that were out picking blueberries, the forest is full of them right now, I might go tomorrow.

Norwegians are funny, they love to sit and drink coffe, grill some food and just hang out in the forest.

It is the Norwegian thing.

And what a view it is.

Even the marches are beautiful.

This was a real hidden gem, and I am sure there are plenty more here in Steigen in Northern Norway. (Off the Beaten Path)

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