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Today is all about formatting the book.

Making sure that words aren't cut off at the end of the page, that the text is readable and flowing. It is a lot of work. But it is worth it to get the book out there.

Then it starts all over again, trying to find a new cover for book 2, that has to work with the cover on book 1.

Rewriting and translating book 2, before publication.

I didn't stop book 1 where I thought I would. One of my readers suggested that a certain point in the book would be a perfect end of book 1.

I agreed, he was completely right, it was. So, the book ended at a different point, now I have to adjust the new start to make it work.

It also gives me an opportunity to rewrite and add to the story.

I was thinking about adding a few chapters but didn't because it was already written. Now I might and that is a wonderful thing.

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