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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Get National Geographic guidebook to help you navigate Norway.

The island next to Røst is Værøy.

The unpredictable winds around the mountains in Vaeroy caused an airline crash in 1990 that shut the airport down.

You get to Vaeroy, either by taking the ferry from Moskenes at the western tip of Lofoten. Or if you are flying to Bodø you can take the ferry from there too.

torghatten.no (if you want to find ferry times on your own)

http://ruteinfo.thn.no/bm/default.aspx?rnr=82 (ferry times 2020)

The best way to find the hikes available at any destination in Norway is by looking at:


By searching for your destination or area you can look at a map that shows all tracks and hikes in the area. Often there is also information on the level of difficulty it takes to hike them. Like: easy, middle or hard.

In Norway, you are allowed to camp at one place for two days (unless you are at a campground of course)

A great place to camp is Nordlandshagen.

There a few hotels on the island: Bensvik Brygge and Værøy Brygge and a Bed&Breakfast at Prestegarden Vaeroy or put up a tent at Nordlandshagen

The moutains on Vaeroy is called: Heia, Gjerdeheia, Nordlandsnupen

There is an old, abandoned village to see in Molstad.

Moskstraumen is located between the Lofoten Point of the island of Moskenesoya and the small island of Mosken inVærøy. It involves strong tidal currents flowing through the shallows between these islands and the Atlantic Ocean and Vestfjorden (The West fjord) creating eddies and whirlpools, the largest one having a diameter of some 40–50 meters (130–160 ft) and inducing surface water ripples up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) in amplitude.

The currents are about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) wide and suck in various small microorganisms, thereby attracting fish and fishing boats, which could be in danger even in modern times.

There are regular tourist boat trips between Moskenesøya and Værøy.

The island of "Vurrgh" in Edgar Allan Poe's story A Descent into the Maelsröm (1841) is about Værøy.

Other places to see in Vaeroy is:

Turstien is a floodlit track which was opened in 1999. The surface is suitable for bikers, prams, and wheelchairs.

Mollbakken in Nordland consists of smoothly ground round stones

Old Værøy Church in Nordland is the oldest church in Lofoten, built around 1740.

Nordlandshagen - the Garden of Nordland - is a popular area for outdoor life.

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