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Vegan Thai tasting PULP vegetable Soup

1. I used the PULP from my morning juice.

1/2 onion

1 garlic

1/2 tomato

1 medium mushroom

1 small piece of parsnip

1 small piece of fennel

1 small carrot

1 tbsp green lentils

2 frozen cubes of spinach

1 tbsp dried herbs


1/2 tsp turmeric powder

Vegan broth

1 1/2 tbsp red curry

1 box of coconut cream

Serve topped with sliced avocado

Add all things in a large casserole, let come to a boil, boil (add water if needed)

When the veggies were done I mixed the chunks in a mixer. Then I added it back into the casserole. Add in the red curry and the coconut milk.

Taste-off with salt and pepper if needed and decorate with

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