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Wating for the postoffice to do their job.

Is there anything more annoying then when you ordered something you really need and then the postoffice fumbles the ball.

You call them and they say they will fix it and then they don't. And when you finally complain to the company you bought the merchandise from. THEN they send it to the right address.

I have no words.

But I was assured that I will get them in two days.

(We will see)

So in the meantime, I am learning about how to do this, and let me tell you that I think I need to contact support.

I follow tutorials completely, step by step but it still doesn't work, it is so irritating.

I am taking a break until tomorrow with all this or I think I will scream!

Good thing I have some apples that have gone bad so I can go pet the horses.

That always helps when I feel an anxiety attack approaching. And they are so cute.

They know me from far away now.

As soon as they see me they run to get the apples I always bring them.

And of course, it makes me happy too.

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