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As you may not know, I am writing on a Fantasy book series.

The first book is called "The Crown Prince"

Currently I am working on making it into an audio book. I have never been prouder of myself.

My whole life I have struggled with low self asteam and, self doubt. I feel I have held myself back from succeeding. I am not doing that any longer, or trying not to.

Yesterday I took my first step and started the process, I am so excited! Just getting the book out there is going to be life changing for me. A great breakthrough on my journey forward.

I feel like I am starting a new chapter in life, not only looking at the opportunity and thinking, I could probably do that, maybe, or I don't know.

No, I know I can do it!

Change is hard, it is very scary to change direction in life. We struggle not to change a bit. We all want to stay stuck in the familiar, but the saying is true:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

You can't dream of a different life, if you never do anything differently. My change has been slow, I feel I have been kicking and screaming many times, refusing to change my behaviour or my life.

I am on new territory now, unfamiliar ground, a stranger in my life. Learning to live in a new way. A healthy one, filled with joy and oportunity, with love, friends and new adventures.

I am doing this! And I am so proud of myself. That is all I wanted to say, hope you have a great day! Kisses.

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