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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I woke the next morning at 4:40 am, I packed the tent into my car and left. The campground smelled of sewer and the whole night Harley-type motorcycles drove up and down the street where my tent was set up. It felt like they sped up to disturb the campers as much as possible.

I drove down the street to the ferry terminal, I hoped to charge my camera battery onboard the ferry and with some luck, they might have wi-fi that I could use I thought. I needed to contact the phone company to get more internet for the trip. So far I am driving with the GPS on my phone and ... so far so good.

Of course, I also woke up with a cold, not a great start ... but I figure that by the time I get to my destination my cold is gone anyway.

The ferry was an hour late but at last, we finally left Sweden. I sat at a table by a window opposite an older couple. An Asian lady and a Swedish man, they had such wonderful calm energy. They just sat next to each other and quietly solved word puzzles separately. Once in a while, they would talk about a word before continuing on their own again, I love observing people. They enjoyed each others company, and I could tell they had been married for a long time.

The boat was full of people and I wrote on my computer for a couple of hours on book 2. (a book I am writing on)

I needed to find a place to eat when I got to Germany, I have not eaten the way I should have so far on this trip. I am allergic to gluten and I did not think It would be such a difficult thing honestly. I thought I would be able to find something to eat almost at every restaurant, I was wrong.

I looked at what they served onboard, french fries hotdogs, breaded chicken, breaded meat. I was longing for real cooked food, potatoes, vegetables, meat, glutenfree sauce. As a gluten-free eater, you can often see and hear right away if the people behind the counter know enough about gluten to cook. And unfortunately, I must say that If I read the menu and it only is in German or if the people don't speak English well enough to understand me. I won't eat there. Anyway, I decided not to eat onboard.

I drove off the ferry in Sassnitz at the top East part of Germany and the first place I stopped at was a gas station. I called the phone company and got some more internet.

I think I might have too many pictures on my phone and it is making it act up all the time. I must find the time to erase more pictures.

Sassnitz is mostly wheat fields and cornfields. I have been to Germany but mostly at airports and I was struck by how pretty Germany is. My phone kept cutting out which made me drive in circles.

And by this time I was really hungry, I saw a McDonald sign, but when I turned off the road to find it there was no McDonald there. I tried several times to drive to a McDonald. I was hoping to buy a glutenfree hamburger or something to eat, but I couldn't find the McDonald only the sign.

The lack of sleep from the night before made me unconcentrated. So I finally found a German "Nature Camp"

I have never camped at a Nature Camp before so I didn't know what to expect, I just followed the GPS farther and farther into the forest. The road turned into a small path and I was wondering if I was driving the right way.

And then I was there. The campground was in the middle of the forest, and they seemed to be a party going on with a bar and a large flat screen tv. Some small buildings here and there and lots of cars and tents and campers.

A lady greeted me with "We are having a party come and join us" before she got on her bicycle and pedalled away through the forest.

I told her that I just needed somewhere really quiet so I could sleep. She gave me a great place to sleep. I was starving and I was glad that I had stuffed a box full of glutenfree pasta and canned artichoke hearts. I was looking forward to testing my kerosene stove to make some glutenfree food.

But then she told me that no one is allowed to use fire in the forest, I looked around and there were fire extinguishers on a lot of trees. So I couldn't make any food. I ate some crackerbread and slept like a baby. I woke to birdsong and no cars at 5 am the next morning.

What a fantastic idea! A Nature Camp, I really enjoyed waking in the forest to birdsong and no cars.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I left Korgen in Norhtern Norway at 4:45 in the morning to get through all the road work before traffic started. Then steered my tiny car toward Trondheim. I had a cup of coffe at the Starbucks (have not been at one for years, it made my day.) Then I did some necessary last minute preparations.

I didn't notice that I had lost my bank card and after an hour the police called me asking if I had lost my card.

My first try at putting up the tent was a bit under par. Somehow I managed to put the entrance in the back of the tent and I just blew up the air mattress, put regular bedsheets and pillow and cover on it and went to sleep.

When I woke at 05:00 I was freezing, the cold from the ground was radiating through the air mattress and I was shivering. So I hurried and put everything back in the car and hoped I would pass by an open gas station where I could get my morning coffee and wash my face.

When I started my trip from my job in Korgen, far up in Northern Norway, I started my first audio book. Is there anything better than driving and listening to audiobooks? It was the first book in the Relentless series by: Karen Lynch. I must say that the worldbuilding is superb, I am really enjoying this. So I listened to the rest of the book and continued toward Trelleborg.

In the evening I arrived at Trelleborg and the Trelleborgen (Trelle fortress).

You can read about the fortress here:

Trying to find the way to where the ferry left from in the morning, I noticed a sign for the Trelleborg Viking fortress.

There had been a Viking market during the day and I totally missed it of course. It was an interesting place to visit. It really made me appreciate how old this place is. And I could imagine how it must have been to live here in this circle-fortress during that time. This was an important place during Viking times, and a good place for trade.

After my visit to Trelleborg fortress, I decided to find a nearby campground to stay at until the ferry left in the morning.

Ystad is the most southern city in Sweden and close to Trelleborg, here I found a campground to put up my tent in. 

I was longing for a shower and some food, but I really had no energy to cook. I made myself some glutenfree crackerbread sandwiches with cheese and ham and just had the juice to drink. Good enough for me tonight.

Exhausted after a long drive I finally managed to put up the tent and was looking forward to a good nights rest. And since it was already near 10 pm at night I really didn't think it would be difficult to find a quiet spot.

But ... No such luck ...

Unfortunately, I had some German tent-nabours that completely ignored that there were about 10 tents where some people had traveled far and needed rest.

They could have easily walked away toward the beach or bar area or the golf course area or the walking area. But instead, they decided that it would be a great idea to play soccer outside my tent. Yelling loudly and running around made my temper flare and my blood boil.

I didn't say a thing, I just got out of bed and demonstratively dragged the whole tent across the campground as far away from them as I could possibly go.

If they didn't understand that hint they must have been complete idiots.

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