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I feel like I have been on a journey for a long time, slowly evolving. It took me a long time to listen to my intuition and ignoring it has cost me a lot of suffering. I do listen to it now, but I don't always understand the "hints" that I am given. Sometimes it takes me time to respond to what my gut feeling is telling me.

There are so many aspects of my spirituality that I want to explore more. Consciousness is such a wast area also, the mind, the brain, energy, feeling. All that is not seen but only felt. I feel like I am just at the beginning of this exploration into my own consciousness. But there are others like me out there, that is looking and that is open to take in more information.

Today I am going to feed my soul.

I am going to dress warm, bring a travel mug with coffee and go sit on the beach. Listen to the waves, watch the sky and clouds drift in from the horizon. Sometimes you need to connect with the wild.

And for me that day is today.

I wish you all a beautiful day full of kindness and love.

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